As you probably know, L’occitane always comes up with new limited edition shea collections and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, I missed their previous ones so decided to hurry up to the store this time and get them while they’re still available. Although I got the collection, I still missed out on the cosmetic bag gift that you are supposed to get with this set, but eh, I guess I already have enough cosmetic bags and whether they really didn’t have it or the girl working there decided to trick me – it doesn’t matter – because I’m still happy for getting the chance to test out real goods and that is their amazing hand and body cream and a super-moisturizing lip balm. The price of the set is probably different around the world but it is around 40$ (225kn). And just to say – I’m not sure about the name of the collection – somewhere it says “Flowers of Love” and on other sites “Shea Protects With Love” so I decided to go with the one on the official L’occitane page. So the set comes in various combinations, and you can decide which type you want to get for yourself – there are three basic “flavours” or scents: passionate jasmine, loving rose, and subtle violet. So to make it simple; you can choose whether you want your hand cream, body cream or lip balm in any of these three versions.

L’occitane Shea Protects With Love set

For me, I just couldn’t decide on one, so seeing as there are three products in the set, I decided to give each of them a go, and try it out over some time. So I chose passionate Jasmin hand cream, loving rose body cream (this is a must have if you love roses or anything rosey-like, the scent is amazing and lasts for ages), and a subtle violet lip balm (this one doesn’t smell so much like a violet, more bubble-gummy to me. But who knows? :)

And I think it is fair to try and review each of them individually, so I will first start with the queen of the trio and that is the rose-scented rich shea body cream. This smells so good that you will not, I repeat, you will not stop sniffing yourself after treatment. It is that good. The moisture part is also nice, it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, but not sticky like some other “rich” creams tend to do. It sinks right into your pores very gently, leaving a beautiful smell and much-needed hydration.

L’occitane Loving Rose Ultra Rich Body Cream

So as you can probably tell I’ve been over-using it for the past week and I don’t think it will last me that long considering this addiction. But I have to say – you don’t need much of it – it really is ultra-rich like it says on the label (more like a body butter than a body cream really), and it can last a decent amount of time, with decent use.

Next up is their hand cream – and there really isn’t much to say about L’occitane shea butter hand creams, they are probably one of the world’s finest, gentle, moisturizing, beautifully scented so even if you don’t have enough money for their other more pricey products, hand creams are something everyone should try out. My personal favourite is almond one, but more on that in my other posts. :)

L’occitane Passionate Jasmine Hand Cream

So from this set I chose passionate jasmine. And it was probably the biggest mistake I made, seeing that the scent doesn’t suit me, it is far too strong and musky (or whatever the word is) for me. I wish I chose a rose hand cream as well, but what the hell, I will certainly use this one too. And who knows, maybe the scent grows on me in time.

The package on the cream is, I must say, too cute! They even put a little flour on top of the tube instead of their regular rectangular shape goji cream. I heard a lot of people saying that jasmine is their favourite scent from this collection so don’t take my word for it when I said it was too strong.

And the last one is their subtle violet lip balm. I love this product. It has everything I ever wanted in a lipbalm, the only problem is that it is a bit expensive if you buy it without the set (around 16-17$ or 80kn). It is very, very moisturizing, it will leave your lips soft even after it wears off (not like some other lip balms which you have to reapply every three minutes) and this bubble gum flavor actually suits something that you put on your lips! Makes me hungry every time! It says that it contains 10% shea butter which is a fair amount for a lip balm. I definitely recommend it.

L’occitane Subtle Violet Lip Balm

To sum it up: I love this set, it is a great gift for someone who has never tried L’occitane products as it contains their bestsellers in a newly scented form. My favorite from the set would have to be the Ultra rich loving rose body cream as this is the product that cannot be compared to anything other from the drugstore range that I’ve tried before, and the price isn’t so horrible for a given amount.

So tell me have you tried this set or anything from Shea Protects With Love range? What other L’occitane products do you like?

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